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Customer Opinion

I just wanted to thank the staff at for assisting me with my move. My movers helped me make a difficult task alot easier me and my girlfriend. It helped me lower the amount of stress one may have during a big move. I hope that you all get compensated well for all the endeavors that you provide for all us on a day to day basis! You earn every penny of it! Thank You!!!
Aaron, T.Grapevine

Moving Disclaimers of Cactus Moving and Stagecoach Moving

Moving Disclaimers of Cactus Moving TXDOT# 006253815C
Stagecoach Moving TXDOT# 006254755C and its affiliated moving companies:

  • will not move any house plants under any circumstances.
  • will not accept responsibility for any natural stone furniture. (marble, granite, limestone etc).
  • reserves the right to waive responsibility for any item the movers feel cannot be moved safely. Waiver forms must be signed before move begins.
  • reserves the right to charge for items that need disassembly to be moved safely.
  • reserves the right to refuse to move items we feel is unsafe to move.
  • will not begin a move until all items are removed from dressers, chest of drawers, entertainment centers, wine racks, or any other piece of furniture containing items which may be removed.
  • will not begin a move until beds are completely disassembled, headboard and footboard included. (unless prior arrangements have been made with to handle disassembly/reassembly)
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  • will not begin a move until all boxes are taped and sealed.
  • will not begin a move until washer and dryer are disconnected unless prior arrangements have been made with the moving manager to disconnect and/or reconnect these items.
  • will not accept responsibility for any items within a box or container unless the box or container was physically damaged by the movers
  • will not substitute any items the day of the move unless prior arrangements have been made with the moving manager. Normally, substitutions are not allowed.
  • will only accept cash as payment for any additional items, additional valuation or assembly and disassembly.
  • please make arrangements to get cash prior to your move if you want to avoid the $50/hour waiting fee.
  • there will be a $50/hour waiting fee rounded to the nearest quarter hour if the movers have to wait for you to get keys, sign your lease, show up at pickup or drop off locations, etc.
  • there will be a $50 rescheduling fee if you reschedule your move within 24 hours of your move time.
  • there will be mileage fees (fuel surcharges) for moves that take the movers outside the FREE service area.
  • reserves the right to reschedule moves to the next available time slot due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  • cannot provide a move without a completed inventory and/or an assumed limit of liability. The Texas Department of Transportation requires all moves to have a completed inventory and an assumed limit of liability prior to beginning a move otherwise the move will not be completed.

If the referral fee from the property falls below's minimum requirement we reserve the right to offer a reduced cash voucher in lieu of the free move.

For more information please call: (281) 690-9705. All pricing and property information is subject to
change at any time without notice. Please contact the apartment community for the most up to
date information